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Weekly Recap for 04-14-14 to 04-18-14 - April 18, 2014
Monday - Reid is personally benefiting from the Nevada takeover.
Tuesday - March economic numbers reveal more inflation.
Wednesday - March numbers show that more was at play than the weather.
Thursday - Yellen wants prices to rise faster than what they're rising now.
Friday - We need large concentrations of money to improve living standards.
Weekly Recap for 04-07-14 to 04-11-14 - April 11, 2014
Monday - Unemployment rates decreased because people left the job market.
Tuesday - The gender gap is a liberal fantasy.
Wednesday - No country has a problem with too much demand.
Thursday - Debt will bring an end to the Fed's game.
Friday - Higher inflation numbers are not bullish for gold initially.
Weekly Recap for 03-31-14 to 04-04-14 - April 04, 2014
Monday - Janet Yellen won't end QE for years.
Tuesday - Inflation gives governments a way to get out of debt.
Wednesday - The weather improved in March but the ADP number didn't keep up.
Thursday - Don't blame economic weakness on the weather.
Friday - Job growth is not in the type of jobs we need.
Weekly Recap for 03-24-14 to 03-28-14 - March 28, 2014
Monday - Obamacare is failing at its goals miserably.
Tuesday - Federal subsidies for flood areas are footed by the taxpayer.
Wednesday - Taxpayers know their own situation is bad.
Thursday - Consumers are spending more due to inflation.
Friday - Consumers are spending more on services and less on durable goods.
Weekly Recap for 03-17-14 to 03-21-14 - March 21, 2014
Monday - Gold is not rallying because of Crimea.
Tuesday - Economic progress is not rising inflation.
Wednesday - The risk to the British economy is not lowering prices.
Thursday - It is impossible for the economy to grow robustly given the Feds policies.
Friday - The US dollar should be rated junk due to the rising debt ceiling.
Weekly Recap for 03-10-14 to 03-14-14 - March 14, 2014
Monday - Welfare programs make the problems worse.
Tuesday - Global debt has reached $100 trillion.
Wednesday - Feinstein has changed her position on spying abuses.
Thursday - Australia's economy continues to improve.
Friday - The uninsured are less interested in Obamacare than the insured.
Weekly Recap for 03-03-14 to 03-07-14 - March 07, 2014
Monday - The markets are shrugging off the crisis in Ukraine.
Tuesday - Putin is threatening to sell US Treasuries if US sanctions Russia.
Wednesday - The government continues to blame the weather for bad economic news.
Thursday - Australia's economy is improving.
Friday - There are non exploitative reasons women earn less money.
Weekly Recap for 02-24-14 to 02-28-14 - February 28, 2014
Monday - Fear of default is fading because of inflation.
Tuesday - Consumer confidence fell in February.
Wednesday - Data shows that the weather didn't slow down sales.
Thursday - Don't focus on revenues but rather profits.
Friday - The positive economic data points are the exception, not the rule.
Weekly Recap for 02-17-14 to 02-21-14 - February 21, 2014
Monday - Japan had a record trade deficit in the 4th quarter.
Tuesday - The Fed must take credit for the bad price increases, not just the good.
Wednesday - The government cooked the books on producer prices.
Thursday - China is vendor financing the US economy.
Friday - Canada's inflation in January was three times faster than expected.
Weekly Recap for 02-10-14 to 02-14-14 - February 14, 2014
Monday - The bad jobs numbers reveals how bad our economy is.
Tuesday - Janet Yellen wants to hold inflation rate at 2%.
Wednesday - Yellen blames bad jobs numbers on the weather.
Thursday - Obama raised the minimum wage, but not until the next election.
Friday - You cannot ease the economy and taper at the same time.
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