February 2012

The Peter Schiff Show – 02/17/12

Free Form Friday, guided by the best callers in talk radio! Cliff’s Notes Recap Weekly Recap for 02-13-12 to 02-17-12 Monday – Ron Paul probably won the Maine caucus. Tuesday – Tom Woods: The World Bank is predicting a drastic global downturn. Wednesday – Obama cannot pass the blame for his $3.8trillion budget monstrosity. Thursday – Rick Santorum advocated …

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Keynesians Jump the Gun on Inflation

Advocates of government stimulus are running victory laps on recent developments that appear to vindicate their strategy. In particular, Paul Krugman compares the sluggish growth in Europe to the somewhat-less-sluggish growth in the US to prove that stimulus was more effective than austerity. Other economists are using government inflation measures to defend Fed Chairman Bernanke’s …

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