Are Forex Markets Finally Calling the Fed’s Bluff? – Ep. 62

  • The Fed removed the word “patience” from their statement while promising patience
  • We are likely to see weaker employment numbers, further delaying talk of rate hikes
  • Pundits who failed to foresee the 2008 crisis are now saying the “problem is solved” because they do not understand the problem
  • The problem is worse now than ever
  • The Fed caused the 2008 crisis and they are in the process of creating the next, much larger crisis
  • I have been critical of QE 1,2 and 3 and low interest rates because they only mask the problem
  • “Failure of Capitalism” comments are actually criticizing our socialist economic policy
  • The same applies to the Fed, as they are price-fixing the market
  • Faulty logic assumes that low inflation is the reason for the weak economy
  • Low inflation, which is not as low as reported, is a silver lining in the economy right now
  • The rich are making money on inflation because they are leveraged and speculating
  • Inflation undermines the middle class, business and job creation
  • Who will be blamed when the consequences of the Fed’s policy finally result in crisis?
  • Free market capitalism is the solution