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The Peter Schiff Show – 12/03/13

The Great Inflation/Deflation Debate. Harry Dent, author of The Great Depression Ahead, on why deflation — not inflation — is set to collapse America’s economy

The Peter Schiff Show – 11/27/13

This Thanksgiving, Don’t Count Calories. Jonathan Bailor, nutritionist & senior program manager at Microsoft, on why people who tell you to worry about calories don’t understand

The Peter Schiff Show – 11/26/13

On Every Americans’ Christmas Wish List: A Shuttered TSA. Chris Edwards, director of tax policy studies at the Cato Institute & editor of, on how we

The Peter Schiff Show – 11/25/13

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Stephen M.R. Covey, co-founder of CoveyLink & of the best selling author of The SPEED of Trust: The One Thing

The Peter Schiff Show – 11/22/13

Free Form Friday, guided by the best callers in talk radio! Cliff’s Notes Recap Weekly Recap for 11-18-13 to 11-22-13 Monday – Bitcoin is a pyramid

The Peter Schiff Show – 11/21/13

Peaceful Assembly in the Age of Militarized Police. Amber Lyon, investigative journalist & photographer, on her new book, Peace, Love and Pepper Spray.

The Peter Schiff Show – 11/20/13

Got Goats? PJ Jonas, entrepreneur & mother of eight, on how she built the national company Goat Milk Stuff while home-schooling her children on their Indiana

The Peter Schiff Show – 11/19/13

The Color Gap? Fatima Goss-Graves, Vice President for Education & Employment at the National Women’s Law Center, on how census data proves employers pay women of

The Peter Schiff Show – 11/18/13

A View from the Inside Andrew Huszar, Josh Barro, senior fellow at Rutgers Business school & former manager at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York,

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