Dollar Strength Defies U.S. Economic and Stock Market Weakness – Ep. 61

  • The Foreign exchange markets continue to ignore the darkening U.S. economic picture
  • Dollar had best two-week gain since the financial crisis of 2008
  • Market exuberance based solely on the jobs report which is an outlier among all other negative news
  • Why aren’t the jobs numbers being questioned?
  • We have had three consecutive months of declining retail sales
  • Falling prices are reflecting a lack of demand
  • The stock market has begun to decline, bracing for Fed rate hikes
  • Gold held steady against the dollar; up against other currencies
  • Inventory to sales ratio lowest since 2008
  • This week the Atlanta Fed reduced Q1 GDP down to .6%
  • The second revision for Q4 could be below 2%
  • Poor GDP numbers already being blamed on the weather
  • Europe looked to US QE as a success because inflation was masked
  • The European market is already issuing negative bonds in anticipation of ECB purchase (QE)
  • The Germans are going to push back when they see inflation
  • At lease Europe will be able to withstand higher rates because of smaller debt and trade deficit
  • U.S. won’t be able to tolerate the consequences of rate hikes which would ultEimately heal the economy
  • Therefore inevitable QE4 will be even larger than QE 1,2 & 3 combined