Fake News Runs the Gamut – Ep. 386

Another Bear Market Before the Election

The odds are that we are going to have another bear market and we’re going to have another recession and the odds are that both are going to start before the next election. What are the odds that Trump can be re-elected if we are in a recession and in a bear market? The only thing that Trump’s got going for himself is to talk about how great the economy is, and how high the stock market is. You take that out and what does he have left?

Trump Claims Most Accomplishments Than any other President in History

I was listening to a press conference with the President today, and one of the false claims he made is that he said, “I’ve accomplished more in the first two years of office than any President in history.” Now, I don’t know where he is getting this; what exactly has he accomplished as compared to other Presidents’ accomplishments.  I’ll agree, most modern Presidents, to the extent that they accomplish, they accomplish larger government.

We Started with Perfect Government – Small!

We started from a perfect place. We started with limited government, and most of what Presidents have accomplished was to accomplish more government by allowing more legislation to be passed, making government bigger and restricting individual liberty. From that perspective, I like a President who accomplishes nothing.  We started with maximum liberty and minimal government.  What I want to accomplish is maintaining minimal government.

Shrink Government and Enable Private Sector to be Great Again

When Donald Trump talked about “Making America Great Again”, if he actually wanted to do it, restoring our greatness means shrinking government and enabling the private sector to be great again by removing all the burdens that have been placed on it.  Has Trump actually done more, good or bad, than any other President?  I doubt it.

Who Saved Social Security?

But one of the things that Trump claimed credit for, is that he said he “saved Social Security and Medicare”. He said the Democrats wanted to ruin it or get rid of it, and I saved it.  What Democrat wants to get rid of Social Security?

Peter Schiff is an economist, financial broker/dealer, author, frequent guest on national news, and host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast.



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