Are Forex Markets Finally Acknowledging the Slowing U.S. Economy?

The Peter Schiff Show

  • Volatile day in the markets
  • Largest decline in Personal Spending since September 2009
  • Wages and Salaries gain slowest in 7 months
  • December ISM Manufacturing Index down to 53.5
  • December Employment growth at 7-month low
  • 2.6% GDP number will likely be revised downward
  • U.S. Factory Orders declined 3.6% in December
  • Oil prices triggering momentum against the dollar
  • The FOREX markets are beginning to acknowledge U.S. economic weakness
  • QE4 will accompany a budget-busting economic stimulus
  • S&P was the only agency penalized by the government for rating sub-prime mortgage AAA
  • S&P is actually being penalized for downgrading U.S. government debt