Gold Breaks Out, Bitcoin Breaks Down – Ep. 399

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A Very Volatile and Technically Weak Trading Day for the Dow

Here I am for the third day in a row doing a podcast. It’s market volatility that has brought me to the mic yet again. The Dow Jones down 525 points; a very volatile and technically weak trading day for the Dow. The market opened down, we quickly sold off, a couple of hundred, but then we rallied back! We got positive.  I think we were up a hundred, maybe more, and then going into the last hour or near the last hour we sold off hard.  the Dow was down I think close to 700, I’m not sure exactly, but then, we got a rally. Not all the way back to unchanged, but then in the final 15 minutes of so the Dow rolled over once again to close just off the lows. Down 525 points. Over 2% down. Not as big a drop as yesterday’s drop, but coming on the back of yesterday’s drop, it adds up.

Some of the Tech Stock Actually Rallied Today

The transports, not down as much, another 1.5% added to yesterday’s loss. NASDAQ – some of the tech stock actually rallied today, so that helped the NASDAQ; some were down, though. NASDAQ down 93 points, 1.25%.  Russell 2000 down 30 points. That was just under 2%.

If the Stock Market Went down Enough, There Would Be a Bid in the Bond Market

The Bond market was actually up today.  Finally we had a day where people were buying bonds.  But I said this was going to happen. Eventually, if the stock market went down enough, there would be a bid in the bond market. That’s exactly what happened. If the stock market stops falling, then the bond market is going to resume its descent. This is the same dance that we were doing earlier in the year, that eventually came to an end, but we’re back where we started from.

So if we get stocks going up, then interest rates are going to go back up, which is going to scare the market. Now they’re going to go back down, and so now people will buy bonds.


Peter Schiff is an economist, financial broker/dealer, author, frequent guest on national news, and host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast.



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