How to Profit from the Coming Devalution

Dear Peter,

My Dad is a huge advocate of the Austrian School of Economics and introduced me to books such as “How to Profit from the Coming Devalution” and is constantly encouraging me to research junior gold stocks.

While researching one day, I found videos of you online after Youtube cleverly recommended it to me, and you couldn’t be more right! Not only do you make logical and sensible arguments about the economy, but it is highly entertaining for the average joe like me to watch. I was literally in tears after listening to your rant about how Krugman thinks preparing for an alien invasion is a good idea to stimulate the economy.

I am a recent university graduate from Business Management, and your video in the streets about the worth of a university degree really hit home. I graduated with honours, started my own driveway sealing company to help pay for tuition, and worked part-time during university but still can’t find a decent job because literally everyone has the same degree. At my part-time job I have received resumes for minimum wage work in Toronto from people who have completed bachelor’s degrees from the University of Toronto and MBAs from other universities. Having connections or starting your own business seems like the only way to go these days.

Keep up the good work Peter, the next economic collapse is around the corner and a new, not to mention really long “Peter Schiff was Right” youtube video will have to be made.