Investors Oblivious as Multiple Bubbles Pop – Ep. 413

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Very Negative Technical Action

We had another roller coaster ride in the stock market today, with the Dow Jones ending down about 200 points, but that was well off the lows of the day. I think we were down about 350 points, or close to it, at the lows. But, more interesting, we were up over 200 points earlier this morning. So this is very negative technical action, when you have these rallies and then close negative.  In fact, we were down another 100 points yesterday on the Dow, and today, we came to within, I think 10 points of taking out yesterday’s high – and then we not only crashed below yesterday’s low, but we closed below yesterday’s low.  So another very weak day.

A Change in Name Only

I think one of the catalysts for the late afternoon rally, before the selloff, was all of the headlines coming out of Europe – the UK, regarding a Brexit deal, and I think that caused some people to buy stocks.  The dollar actually sold off.  It was down already; it sold off some more on that news coming out of Europe. But I don’t know if this deal is going to fly . we’ll see.  I read through some parts of the deal, and to me, it looks like Theresa May is trying to borrow a page from President Donald Trump. Basically, what she is doing, is she is trying to rename the union that the UK has with Europe . If you read what they are going to sign on to, it is going to be some kind of trade pact that really kind of subjects the UK to all the rules and regulations that prompted them to want to get out of the European Union in the first place.  So they’re going to Brexit, but they’re not actually going anywhere. Kind of like renaming NAFTA the USMCA . Basically, you’re re-branding what you had before and claiming a victory. Maybe, politically speaking, May wants to try to honor the will of the voters by saying we accomplished Brexit, but basically not change anything.  It’s just a change in name only.