Making the Dollar Weak Again – Ep. 381

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Strong Dollar Policy?

There used to be a lot of talk about the so-called Strong Dollar Policy. We had the Strong Dollar Policy when Bill Clinton was President, George Bush; I guess when Barack Obama was President, as well.  I’ve talked about it, I’ve written about it in Crash Proof, How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse; I talked about it like it was the Loch Ness monster.  Everybody knows about it, everybody’s heard about it but no one has actually seen it.

We Like the Strong Dollar. A Strong Dollar is Good for America

We didn’t actually have an official policy that constituted the strong dollar policy.  It was simply talking about the strong dollar being in the national interest, and that was just the mantra that was repeated often by the Secretary of the Treasury or by the President. “We like the strong dollar. A strong dollar is good for America… and that pretty much constituted the policy.

The Trend Was Your Friend

But nonetheless, having the belief that there was some kind of hidden strong dollar policy helped to create confidence in the dollar, even in periods of time when the dollar was declining. Perhaps it would have declined even more had it not been for the belief that there was some kind of strong dollar policy. And of course, when the dollar was rising, the “strong dollar policy” really helped add fuel to the increase because after all, you were riding the policy.  So the dollar was going up and that was what the U.S. government wanted, so it was all good. The trend was your friend.

Donald Trump’s Weak Dollar Policy

Well, it should be obvious that Donald Trump has a weak dollar policy, whether he wants to name it or not, that’s the policy. Of course, the weak dollar policy will not involve actually doing anything, just as the strong dollar policy didn’t involve doing anything, but I think the rhetoric will have the same impact in that when the dollar finally starts to fall, it will fall even faster when people think it’s a deliberate policy.