Market Ringing Lots of Bells:Ep. 267


There are market indicators of a major top as illustrated by the Blue Apron IPO, as it represents the failure of a very weak company attempting to raise money my means of an IPO when the market may have lost its steam. The stock is trading at $7.14, down from its initial $10/share offering. Wall Street has lost control of this IPO. A smaller bank actually issued a price target of $2/share. The point is that they brought the IPO to the market and they could not keep the air in the bubble. SnapChat, another Wall Street darling, went public at $17 not too long ago and although it had a big pop initially up to $29, now trades at about half that price. The point is that this process is coming unglued. The inability of Wall Street to maintain the air in these bubble stocks is an indication that we’re nearing the end of this bull market.

The Yellen Put May Have Expired

The only way the Fed might be about to extend the bubble market is by changing its tune. As I said in my last podcast, I don’t know if that Yellen put is still there. It may have expired with the election of Donald Trump.  We know that the Fed wanted to prop the market up during the Obama Presidency; that was clearly their goal. But, especially since Trump has wrapped his presidency in the market’s recent upswing, the Fed’s willingness to risk credibility may be waning. The Fed may have a greater tolerance for lower stock prices. The Fed will, however step in if they see weakness in Wall Street spill over to Main Street.

Commodities and Emerging Markets

Commodities are looking good, despite the recent dip in oil, gold and silver. Base metal stocks are rising, emerging markets are continuing to pick up, especially those markets that are big exporters of commodities. So, beneath the surface we are starting to see a rotation into these commodity-sensitive, inflation-sensitive sectors.

Golden Opportunity in Silver

Meanwhile the headlines are still all about the drop gold and silver.  I recorded a video blog on Monday morning; silver was down almost to $15. It has just bounced off that low as I recorded the video. At SchiffGold, we were able to organize a great deal from one of our suppliers on silver.  The ratio of the price of gold to the price of silver was near 80:1, which is about as cheap as silver is going to get, relative to gold.  Historically, it is a great buying opportunity.  We were able to lock up this deal where we have a limited quantity of junk silver bags we’re offering to our clients at $1.25 over the spot price of silver. Sometimes these bags are scarce.




Peter Schiff is an economist, financial broker/dealer, author, frequent guest on national news, and host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast.



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