The Mortgage Business and Precious Metals vs Precious Metal Stocks

Listeners’ Questions, Peter’s Answers- June 30, 2011

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Dan from Des Moines, IA
I am going to be a mortgage loan officer soon and I am beginning to wonder if I am getting into the wrong business with the way the economy is going. Is this a correct assumption in your opinion?

Juanfranco from Birmingham, UK
I am an Italian citizen who lives in the UK with an account in Euro Pacific Capital in the US. Is it better that I transfer my account money to Euro Pac international?

Mitch from Melbourne, Australia
I would like your view on why Aussie resource stocks are not a record highs when metals prices are? While the U.S. dollar continues to fall and metals prices rise, the stronger Aussie dollar offsets the metals record high prices, so basically we can’t win over here. For that reason, is it better investing in American gold stocks rather than Aussie gold stocks?

Joe from Mancha, CA
If I only have a small amount of money to invest, where should I invest? Is it possible to invest less than $20,000?