Let’s Replace Labor Day With Entrepreneur Day – Ep 729

Grover Cleveland was really a libertarian and one of our greatest presidents. The populist movement lead to Labor Day and ultimately in 1913 to the The Federal Income tax, The Federal Reserve, and the popular election of U.S. Senators. The Woodrow Wilson presidency proved to be a disaster for America.

Summer Data Swoon Puts Fall Taper in Doubt – Ep 728

Jobs numbers disappoint expectations, but Biden brags. Inflation expectations highest since just before 2008 financial crisis. AOC pressures Biden to nominate a more woke Fed chair. Fed causing a lack of savings, which pushes up asset prices and makes the rich richer. Gold prices calling Fed’s bluff on tightening. If

Tapering the Taper Talk – Ep 727

Powell offers no clues on taper timetable. Powell vows to keep interest rates low until QE is finished. Powel blames price increases on exploding demand and lack of supply. Powel blames inflation on the public’s expectations. Fed’s only goal is to delay the inevitable crisis as long as possible. Invest


In the 50 years since Richard Nixon officially severed the dollar’s link to gold, many have claimed that the greenback’s strength rests primarily on America’s unchallenged power and prestige around the world. As the situation in Afghanistan moves from embarrassment to tragedy, we are witnessing the rapid evaporation of the

Less Loose Is Not Tight – Ep 726

Fed will talk about tapering until it can use Delta as an excuse not to. Bitcoin is irrelevant to monetary policy. Accepting Bitcoin for mortgage payments is a publicity stunt, not a use case. Fed uses owner’s equivalent rent data to hide the scarier actual rent data. FDR may have

Stimulus Even Harder to Exit Than Afghanistan – Ep 725

Markets spooked by CNBC interview with Boston Fed President. Higher inflation leads to more poverty and a wider wealth gap. Food stamps are really money stamps. Media campaigns to soften up the public to inflation. Stimulus postponed the pain for some, but it’s about to come due. Jerome Powell warns


The “transitory” inflation swamping the country has stubbornly persisted into July. This week it was announced that producer prices posted a second straight 1% month-over-month increase, which brought the full year number to a record 7.8%. It was also reported that 12-month US export prices rose 17.2%, and nearly 22%

Fifty Years of Fiat Failure – Ep 724

Rising costs increasing producer pricing. US home prices rising at fastest pace in history while affordability hits record low. Trade deficit continues its path higher. Inflation exposed in increased export prices. The whole of this tightening cycle will be all talk and no rate hikes. Consumer sentiment goes lower as

Larger Deficits Mean Higher Inflation – Ep 723

Gold reacts counterintuitively to inflation fears. Fed changes the definition of transitory inflation. Q2 Productivity numbers disappoint analysts. Biggest government expansion of the welfare state since the New Deal and Great Society. Elizabeth Warren wants to sick the IRS on the middle class. AMC tries to pump their stock as

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