The Inflation Monster May Devastate Japan First – Ep 801

· Netflix loses subscribers. · Incomes are collapsing at an unprecedented rate. · We’re probably in a bear market that will last at least a decade. · Slow motion disaster is playing out in Japan. · Sanctions may end up benefiting Russia.

Risk of Market Crash Keeps Rising – Ep 800

· If the bond market doesn’t crash, the stock market will. · Weakness continues in tech and crypto. · Gold and silver mining stocks show strength. · We’ve never had this much inflation and the Fed has never been this far behind the curve. · Elon Musk is bluffing.

Peak Inflation Is Wishful Thinking – Ep 799

Inflation is double what the Fed admits. March budget deficit is quadruple consensus expectations. Bitcoin struggles. The retired won’t be able to stay retired much longer. Dollar outlier signals its last hurrah.


There was a little March Madness on Wall Street. In fact, the month turned into an old-fashioned blood bath. But you wouldn’t have found any carnage in the stock market. In fact, the Dow Jones gained a decent 2.3% on the month. But beneath that glittery stock market stage (that attracts the most

It’s Much Later Than the Fed Thinks – Ep 797

You can’t have normal interest rates unless you have normal inflation. Politicians are pandering to crypto enthusiasts. Peter Thiel delivers pie in the sky speech at Miami Bitcoin Conference. The only time government can do good, is when it undoes bad things it’s previously done. The constitution doesn’t authorize the

Q1 Ends as Market and Economic Pain Begins – Ep 795

Fools bought the dip in March. Don’t wait to sell in May and go away. Cathie Wood turns down debate invitation. Meme stocks pumped, peaked, and dumped. Dollar’s tailwind in Q1 will become a headwind in Q2. Bonds suffer their worst quarter in 40 years. Commodities experience their best quarter

German CPI Exposes ECB’s Low Inflation Lies – Ep 794

Europe has a serious inflation problem. The ECB says the cost of living isn’t rising fast enough. Politicians and central bankers are using covid and Putin as scapegoats for inflation. The bigger the government, the bigger the problems. Gold and oil react to peace talks in Ukraine.

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A Black Swan with Teeth

By Peter Schiff For years I have been warning that during the age of permanent stimulus (which began in earnest with the Federal Reserve’s reaction

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