Government Protected Monopolies Are the Only Ones to Fear – Ep 709

Facebook anti-trust case thrown out of court. Breaking up monopolies protects the competitors, not the consumers. John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil was a perfect model of free market efficiency. Consumers are indirectly price gouged by labor unions. Labor unions destroyed jobs and wages for laborers. Government unions should be illegal.

Everything Is Awesome Because the Fed Says so – Ep 708

Bond market sells off for opposite reason it rallied a week prior. Institutions are not rushing in to buy #Bitcoin. Huge Socialist agenda moving forward using #covid as the excuse. #Biden vows to grow government and use it against entrepreneurs and small business owners. We’ve barely begun to pay the

Political Hypocrisy on Inflation Lets Fed Escape Blame – Ep 707

Fed triples its estimated duration of transitory inflation. Republicans have no credibility to criticize government spending and money printing. Fed vows to make the rich richer and the poor poorer by focusing on employment rather than inflation. Jerome Powell refuses to acknowledge whether being paid more to not work discourages

Investors Call Bullard Bluff – Ep 706

Markets begin to comprehend the Fed’s powerless against inflation. Oil prices may put the nail in the coffin of transitory inflation. Crypto traders unload their Bitcoin on Microstrategy.
Microstrategy’s diamond hands are made of glass. Barry Silbert hesitates on buying GBTC shares. Tesla’s Bitcoin gamble enters into the red. Government creating

The Fed’s “No Stick” Monetary Policy – Ep 704

Jim Bullard undoes Jerome Powell’s damage control. Fed goes from not thinking about thinking about raising interest rates to now talking about talking about raising interest rates. Fed’s monetary tightening is as believable as George Costanza’s house in The Hamptons. Bitcoin looks for lower support.

Inflation Doves Coming Home to Roost – Ep 703

Trade data uncovers what the CPI was hiding. Fed acknowledges the obvious; inflation is higher than 2%. Fed gives no indication of taper plans. Jerome Powell out-doves himself again. Paul Tudor Jones gets a gift from the Fed. JP Morgan does not believe inflation is mandatory. Economy has a collision

Despite Data, Markets Embrace Transitory Inflation – Ep 702

Economic data disappoints. Sean Hannity to Tucker Carlson: Peter Schiff was right! Paul Tudor Jones going all in on inflation trade. Bitcoin moves again on Elon Musk tweets. Congress proposes Patriot Tax, which isn’t constitutional or patriotic. Paying as little tax as possible is a patriotic duty. Check out Ladder

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Not a printing press

This Is Not a Printing Press

The commentary below is from Peter Schiff, Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, a division of A.G.P. / Alliance Global Partners, a Registered Investment Advisor and a

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Baghdad Donald

Baghdad Donald

The commentary below is from Peter Schiff, Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, a division of A.G.P. / Alliance Global Partners, a Registered Investment Advisor

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Trump Kills the Tea Party

Trump Kills the Tea Party

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