Rich Democrats Secretly Prefer Trump to Warren – Ep. 513

Why is Michael Bloomberg Actively Preparing to Enter the 2020 Presidential Race?

I want to talk a little bit about Michael Bloomberg, entering the primary – and the reason that I think Michael Bloomberg is in. Bloomberg is now a Democrat, but he was a Republican.  He served as mayor of New York as a Republican for 2 terms. Then, I think he served a third term as an independent. But he was a Republican and now he’s a Democrat. The reality is, he is a very middle of the road guy. He’s a liberal Republican or a conservative Democrat. But conservative Democrats have not place in the modern Democrat party.  I think Bloomberg’s motivation to throw his hat in the ring is the diminishing prospects of Joe Biden. Initially, everybody thought, “OK, Joe Biden’s the guy.” I think Michael Bloomberg was fine with a President Biden because it represented a continuation of the status quo and the status quo has been very good to Michael Bloomberg, do why wouldn’t he want to continue that status quo?

Socialists are Frankenstein’s Monster Consuming the Democratic Party

But with the rise of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and the increasing likelihood that Warren could actually be the next President, I think that scares the hell out of Mike Bloomberg and I think it also scares the hell out of Mike Bloomberg’s rich friends who are also Democrats. This is an example of Frankenstein and the monster. Baron Von Frankenstein created a monster and then Frankenstein’s monster turned on its creator. And I think that’s what these limousine liberals have done with the Democrat party. They have created this monster and now the monster is about to consume them.

Rich Democrats Would Rather Re-Elect Trump Than Support Warren or Sanders

I think what wealthy liberals are afraid to admit is, as much as they claim they don’t like Donald Trump (and some of them don’t like Donald Trump) they dislike Warren even more. A lot of these rich Democrats would rather see Trump re-elected than have Warren or Sanders elected. Now they don’t want to come out and admit that, but they don’t want to support a socialist. They’re not that crazy – but they don’t want the rest of the crazies in the Democratic party to know that.

Peter Schiff is an economist, financial broker/dealer, author, frequent guest on national news, and host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast.



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