SchiffGold Joint Venture With GoldMoney

  • I’m sitting with Josh Crumb, the co-founder of a company that was originally called BitGold but following the acquisition of James Turk’s GoldMoney they rebranded their company as GoldMoney
  • I agree with that decision because I think GoldMoney is more descriptive of what they are really doing with gold, than is BitGold
  • But the reason we’re sitting here today is because I was so impressed with their company after having lengthy conversations with the other co-founder, Roy Sebag, that I really agreed with Roy and I thought that the best thing for us to do was to join forces and to combine both companies to the mutual benefit of both investors and, more importantly customers of both my company SchiffGold, and GoldMoney
  • So we’ve agreed on a merger and we’ve formed a joint venture between the two companies
  • What I wanted to announce today is what this new joint venture means for current customers of my company, SchiffGold
  • One of the things customers might be thinking is: “Does this mean that my experience is going to change?”
  • GoldMoney (BitGold) is much more of an internet-based program where people are not interacting with live representatives
  • The answer to that question is no.
  • Nothing is going to change regarding the our customers’ relationships with SchiffGold
  • In fact, what we’re hoping to achieve is to bring some of that personal service to the current GoldMoney customers