Soaring CPI Shocks Clueless Investors and Economists – Ep 690

  • CPI numbers shock expectations.
  • Biggest monthly gain in CPI since 1981.
  • Gasoline supply chain disrupted by ransomware hack.
  • Price gouging alleviates shortages.
  • Unemployed workers shouldn’t be picky.
  • Disincentivizing people from jobs is not good for the economy.
  • Dogecoiners buy the rumor and sell the fact on Elon Musk SNL appearance.
  • Accolades have gone to Cathie Woods’ head.
  • ARKK will likely make a new 52 week low this year.
  • CNBC continues to ignore emerging markets, value stocks, and gold.
  • ]The people saying sub-prime was contained in 2008 are the same people saying inflation is transitory now.

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