Special Privileges for Some Means Freedom for None – Ep. 359

Current Events

Not much has been going on in the economy or the financial markets the last couple of days.  Its been  pretty quiet, so I’m going to take an opportunity to record a podcast more on current events and politics, so if you’re not interested in those topics, then maybe just wait for my next podcast, although, when I did the Peter Schiff Radio Show 5 days a week, there were people who complained when I did not talk about the markets, or even the economy.  But I always enjoyed talking more about politics and current events, and I think the feedback I got was more engaging, so the show was more interesting.

Supreme Court Wedding Cake Case

So, I am going to talk about a couple of topics today; one has to do about that ruling that came out of the Supreme Court yesterday on the baker in Colorado who had refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding.  I know I have talked about this topic in the past; it is not the first time it has come up, but it has come up again in the wake of this ruling so I want to revisit that topic.

No More Swimsuit Competition for Miss America

Before I get to that topic, I would like to address a lighter topic, but nonetheless just as interesting.  The Miss America Pageant is no longer going to consider beauty as the criteria for the pageant.  In other words, it is a beauty pageant, but beauty doesn’t count.  It’s not outer beauty, it’s just going to be, I guess inner beauty. They are going to get rid of the swimsuit competition, they are going to get rid of the evening gown competition and they will select a winner based on other characteristics.  I’m really not sure what.  I know they’ve got the talent competition; no one really paid too much attention to talent. Some of the women actually had some talent. Usually the most humorous part of the Miss America Pageant was the Q&A where there were often political questions asked and the contestants would try to give the most politically correct answer they could come up with.