Thank-you for continuing the good fight

Mr. Schiff,

I just wanted to say thank-you for continuing the good fight for true capitalism and personal economic freedom especially in these times of pro-communist/socialist rhetoric.

I’m 35 yrs old, didn’t go to college, have been in the insurance industry as both a claims adjuster and agent since the age of 19, and for the past year have immersed myself in learning the markets to become a prop trader or broker.

I’ve been able to prove a successful trading strategy with good p/l although just a practice account which, along with my sales experience with several fortune 500 insurance companies, was enough to land me a couple of interviews with some start up commodity brokers in Chicago. So I packed my bags and moved to Chicago…I’m all in!

I’m telling you my brief story because you are my biggest inspiration in doing so. I watch and listen to your shows/appearances loved the occupy youtube video every chance I get. Listening to you always re-energizes my entrepreneurial and capitalistic spirit, which sometimes gets a little squelched when listening to others in my age demographic speak.

So again, thank-you and keep it up! You are a true mentor!


Philip B.