The voice of reason

Mr. Schiff-

Thank-you for being the voice of reason. I’m sure that with all the ridicule you have endured so graciously over the years, you must feel sometimes that few are hearing you, but rest assured — we are. You have completely changed – or shall I say corrected my mistaken understanding of economics that I learned in my MBA program in the US. Because of how much clarity you have brought to the current economy, I have begun relearning economics through the writings of von Mises, Rothbard etc. and have been really enjoying it. Instead of watching junk TV in free time after work these days, I listen your show or read about economic theory.

I am am US citizen working abroad in Japan as a fashion executive and thanks to you I have a better understanding of the macro economic climate in which my business operates as well.

Keep pushing forward — so many are hearing you, and whenever some mocks or laughs at you on a TV show or in a debate, you just might be able to hear all of us out hear laughing at them.

You’re a real inspiration. Keep it up.

Richard G.
Yokohama, Japan