Trump Buries Tea Party He Once Praised – Ep. 486


Not to Praise the Tea Party but to Bury It

President Trump originally won the Republican nomination by appealing largely to what used to be the Tea Party. A lot of Tea Party Republicans ended up embracing Donald Trump; in fact I think a lot of the support that might have otherwise gone to Rand Paul (a Tea Party favorite who went to Washington in 2010 as part of the Tea Party movement); a lot of his thunder was stolen by Trump, who appealed a lot to Tea Party Republicans.

Even Tea Party Corpse Seems to Approve of its Demise

When Trump went to Washington, he wasn’t exactly praising the Tea Party, but few people expected that he went to Washington to bury it, either. But that’s just exactly what he just did by agreeing to this budget deal with the Democrats.  The Tea Party is dead! President Trump just put the final nail into the coffin, lowered it in the ground and covered it in dirt. The irony is, nobody seems happier about this than the corpse itself! The Tea Party Republicans are not up in arms against the Commander-in-Chief. Everybody still loves Donald Trump.

Where is Rick Santelli?

Even the father of the Tea Party, Rick Santelli, (he is credited for getting it all going) where’s Rick? Where are his tears, where’s the eulogy as his child is being buried? Again, no criticism, everybody thinks Trump is great… As I said, I was back at Freedom Fest, which they should have just re-named “Trump Fest”.

Continuation of Policies Once Criticized by Candidate Trump

Donald Trump is simply continuing all of the policies that he once criticized in order to become President. When he was running for the Republican nomination,  he was extremely critical of the big deficits under Obama. He was even critical of the big deficits under Bush. That was one of the things I liked about Trump. He was criticizing big spenders of both parties. He was supposed to be different. He was rising above politics.  He was going to drain the swamp. And draining the swamp meant putting an end to the deficits.