Trump Needs To Lead Not Oppose The Freedom Caucus – Ep. 239

Summary: President Trump needs to lead, not oppose.  He is opposing the very forces who put him in office.  By aligning with the mainstream Republican Party, he vacates the opportunity to lead the economy successfully through the inevitable consequences of the Obama Administration’s failed economic policies.

Investors are jumping on the bandwagon of hype surrounding the Trump Presidency.  Abandoning safe havens and emerging markets, they are buying into the American stock market at high valuations, which is the equivalent of abandoning the lifeboat and swimming back onto the Titanic just because the band is playing.

  • As I suspected, we now have a bit of a civil war breaking out in the Republican Party
  • On the one side, you have the Freedom Caucus, and then you have everybody else, or the mainstream of the Republican Party
  • It seems like Donald Trump is the general of the mainstream
  • One of the battlefields is Twitter
  • Where you have President Trump calling out even specific Congressional members of the Freedom Caucus by name
  • And blaming them for the failure of the Republican agenda
  • Remember: we don’t want the Republican agenda
  • Donald Trump ran on a platform of “Making America Great Again”
  • One of the reasons America is not great is because of the Republican agenda
  • Republicans have played a role in destroying this economy
  • It’s not like the Republicans are all good and the Democrats are all bad
  • That’s not the case
  • The difference, in terms of the economy, between Republicans and Democrats, is like the difference between Coke and Pepsi
  • They’re all politicians!
  • Their business is perpetuating their own careers and their own power base
  • What do they need? They need votes and they need money
  • How do you get votes? Promise something for nothing.
  • Give out freebies.  Take advantage of the fact that the average voter is a moron, and they’re just voting for free stuff from the government
  • Sometimes there is a difference between the way the Democrats and the Republicans wrap it up
  • Who said, “Let’s wrap up Obamacare in a Republican bow.”?
  • Republicans like to wrap up socialism in different packaging
  • That’s how they get votes – they’re afraid to engage the electorate on an intellectual level
  • Because they really don’t have one

Peter Schiff is an economist, financial broker/dealer, author, frequent guest on national news, and host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast.



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