Will Tesla Crash the Corporate Bond Market? – Ep. 469

Recorded May 22, 2019

Low Inflation is Transitory

Today we got the release of the most recent minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee, and I guess it was a bit of a mixed bag for people who were looking for whether the Fed was going to be more hawkish or more dovish with respect to its next move on interest rates.  One thing that was revealed in the minutes that the governors still maintain, they are still saying that they feel that this “low inflation” that we’ve been experiencing is transitory.  What that means is that it’s temporary and the low inflation is going to go back up toward their 2% target.  This is supposedly a hawkish statement, because if the Fed were worried that low inflation was going to persist, then they would do something about it to save us from the horrors of not having the cost of living rise at a fast enough clip.

When It Comes to Inflation Fighting the Fed Is All Bark and No Bite

But, as far as I’m concerned, none of this even matters, because a) they are right, inflation is transitory, and b) it’s not even as low as they think because the CPI is not accurate. So inflation is already higher than what the official numbers reveal. But even if it is transitory, which it is, and even if the numbers go north of 2%, which they will, the Fed is going to do nothing.  People still don’t get it, that when it comes to inflation fighting the Fed is all bark and no bite.

“For Some Time” Means Forever

But then if you look at what the Fed said in the same minutes with regard to their “patience” with respect to the next rate hike, remember, the Fed went from pretty much auto pilot – they were raising rates, they were tightening – to being “patient”, and being “appropriate”, and now, if you read what they said, they said that it is going to be appropriate to remain patient “for some time“.  Now what does that mean – “for some time”? Basically, it means forever. What the Fed is basically saying by saying that it is appropriate to be patient for some time, meaning, “you don’t have to worry about any rate hikes”.