A Truly Independent Fed Would Criticize Bad Fiscal Policy – Ep 822

· Gold less volatile than stock market indexes. · Bitcoin more volatile than stock market indexes. · Rising interest rates pushing up deficit. · Abortion laws should be left to the states. · Democrats are only pro-choice when it comes to abortions. · The Patriot Act should have been called

Recession Rears Uglier Head Than Inflation – Ep 821

· Dow Jones just did something it hasn’t done since the great depression. · Rates in the UK and Japan headed higher. · Weakness and volatility in crypto markets. · Government moves to ban Juul vapes. · Jerome Powell uses politics as an excuse.

75 Basis Point Rate Hike May Signal Peak Hawkishness – Ep 820

· Fed makes biggest rate hike move in 28 years. · Powell makes excuses for Fed’s role in causing inflation. · Credit card debt at all time high while credit card interest surges. · Atlanta Fed predicts zero growth for second quarter. · Green New Deal Democrats should embrace higher

The Bull Market Is Dead. The Bear May Live Long. – Ep 819

· Dow is now the only major index not in a bear market. · Bitcoin and Ethereum have a Black Monday. · Highest inflation in US history will be game changer for dollar and precious metals. · Google settles frivolous lawsuit. · Bitcoin pumpers lower the bar. · Celsius crypto

Peak Inflation Was Transitory – Ep 818

· Inflation beat expectations by a wide margin. · Consumers more pessimistic now than in depth of Covid lockdowns. · CNBC ridicules David Einhorn for recommending gold investing. · Investors selling both the rumor and the fact. · Christine Lagarde said nothing hawkish. · Recession will kick inflation into a

Jobs Are a Lagging Indicator – Ep 816

· Encouraging action in gold stocks. · America has never been in a weaker position to fight inflation. · Busts are the solution to artificial booms.

Biden Passes the Buck on Inflation – Ep 815

· Investors come back selling. · Crypto among worst performers of May. · Gold stocks are in a buying opportunity. · Germany is the key to the European Union. · Biden outlines a plan for fighting inflation. · Oil will continue spiking because of Biden, not Putin.

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It’s the Fed’s “hold my beer” moment. After more than a year in which Federal Reserve leadership appeared clueless, pollyannish, and indecisive, the Fed is

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The inflation that we were emphatically told would be transitory and unmoored continues to persist and entrench. As the troubles gather momentum Washington is doing

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