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The Peter Schiff Show – 12/22/10

Walter Block,Professor of economics at Loyola University’s college of business administration & author of “Defending the Undefendable”. Peter and Walter Block discuss why America’s downtrodden

The Peter Schiff Show – 12/21/10

Seton Motley,president of & editor of, on the FCC’s proposed Internet powergrab, and how to stop it.

The Peter Schiff Show – 12/20/10

Michael Freedman,president of Euro Pacific Precious Metals, on growing resentment toward fiat currencies and his outlook for precious metals in 2011.

The Peter Schiff Show – 12/17/10

Steven Crowder,Stand-up comedian & Fox News contributor talks about the UN climate conference in Cancun, Mexico, where Steven interviewed participants who were happily endorsing policies

The Peter Schiff Show – 12/16/10

        Andrew Schiff guest hostingÖJohn Quiggin, professor of economics at the University of Queensland, on his new book “Zombie Economics: How Dead Ideas

The Peter Schiff Show – 12/15/10

Tom McClintock,Republican congressman from California & former gubernatorial candidate, on why Republicans must vote for Obama’s tax deal, warts and all.

The Peter Schiff Show – 12/14/10

Donald Luskin,chief investment officer for Trend Macrolytics LLC & contributing editor at National Review Online, on how Obama’s tax deal will impact markets, and his

The Peter Schiff Show – 12/13/10

Richard Vedder,Economics professor at Ohio University & author of “Going Broke by Degree: Why College Costs So Much“. Peter and Richard Vedder discuss why high

The Peter Schiff Show – 12/10/10

William Black,associate professor of economics and law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City & author of “The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to

The Peter Schiff Show – 12/09/10

      Michael Pento guest hostingÖCatherine Mann, Catherine Mann, professor of global finance at Brandeis University, on the recent sell-off of U.S. Treasuries and how

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