Soaring Inflation Suppresses Consumer Confidence – Ep 741

Markets turn risk on. Producer prices rise to levels not seen since peak inflation of the 1970s. Inflation is double the Fed’s benchmark now and will be triple by year end. Bitcoin rallies on ETF news, but will likely sell off on ETF launch. Putting profits first is putting people

Entering an Inflation Super Cycle – Ep 740

Expecting accurate inflation reports from the government is like expecting accurate crime reports from the mafia. Dollar falls and gold rises as investors begin to see through Fed’s fantasies. Inflation is here to stay and markets may finally be acknowledging that reality. Only the government can make the prices of

Weak Jobs & Bonds + Strong Oil = Stagflation – Ep 739

Jobs numbers come in lower than anyone expected. Investors aren’t buying gold as an inflation hedge because they don’t think there is any real inflation to hedge. Buying gold won’t be as hard as selling bitcoin. US lead tax cartel pushing the world to less freedom through collusion.

Inflation Burns While the Fed Fiddles – Ep 738

Gold stocks going down because investors are disappointed they aren’t going up. Fed President Jim Bullard admits inflation is here to stay. The digital revolution has made gold more valuable than ever. Jerome Powell on the chopping block means the Fed’s composition may soon change for the worse Janet Yellen

Government Creates Problems. Its Solutions Make Them Worse – Ep 737

Markets rally on news of Merck Covid pill. Drug efficacy should be left to the market, not the government. FDA sacrifices human beings like lab rats. Ray Dalio chooses gold over Bitcoin. Home sales numbers are exaggerated by institutional flippers. Zillow shareholders set up for huge losses. Government involvement in

Powell Sings a Different Tune – Ep 736

Political theater plays out over the debt ceiling. US was biggest gainer from low interest rates, but will be biggest losers when rates are high. IRS continues its attack on lower and middle income Americans. Getting into bed with the government will get you screwed. Cost of having a bank

Inflation Talk Tanks Markets – Ep 735

Fed has become an arm of the US Treasury. Powell admits inflation problem is bigger and worse than he predicted. Investors rush back into energy stocks. Natural gas prices hit multi-year high. Taper trades are in; markets moving back into the inflation trade. Janet Yellen would be fired and sued

Taper Already Priced In. Now What? – Ep 734

Less dovish is not hawkish. Mother of all bear markets in bonds may have just begun. Republicans only care about deficits and spending when Democrats are in charge. Plans for minting $1 trillion platinum coin would officially make the U.S. a banana republic. 
Increase in home inventory could lead to

The Fed That Cried Taper – Ep 733

Fed says the economy is great, but they will maintain the emergency policies they put in place when the economy was terrible. Fed will always choose to fight unemployment over #inflation. Fed turns blind eye to inflation because the alternative is a complete economic implosion. Fed’s policies disproportionately hurt African

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The “transitory” inflation swamping the country has stubbornly persisted into July. This week it was announced that producer prices posted a second straight 1% month-over-month

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