The Truth Behind the Strong Job Market Hype – Ep 832

· Jobs report evidences a weak, not strong, economy. · Putin delivered price cuts, not price hikes. · Going into debt is not a sign of prosperity. · More people jobless than ever before. · Gold market shows strength.

Damn the Recession, Rate Hikes Ahead – Ep 831

· Treasury yields surge. · Fed forgets about inflation averaging. · Households take on all time record debt. · Nominal wages are going up, but real wages are collapsing. · China can do more damage to our economy without harming Nancy Pelosi. · Buy gold before the Chinese beat you

U.S. in Recession Amid Weak Labor Market – Ep 830

· U.S. goes into recession; Biden and Fed deny it. · Media goes along with redefining recession. · The Inflation Reduction Act will increase inflation. · Forex and gold investors finally figuring things out. · Bond investors still clueless.

Powell Gets Democrats’ Memo to Redefine Recession – Ep 829

· Fed meets market expectations with 75 basis point rate hike. · Jerome Powell sidesteps recession questions. · Walmart confirms consumer weakness. · Gold may have found a bottom. · Gold miners rally. · Any rally in Bitcoin is a selling opportunity.

Recession Deniers Waking up to Reality – Ep 828

· More data pointing to a worsening economy. · ECB hikes rates for first time in 11 years. · Dollar looks to have topped out. · Gold looks to have bottomed. · Tech companies hurting as advertisers flee.

A Tale of Two Dollars – Ep 826

· Consumer prices reported hotter than expected. · Dollar is rising on the greater fool theory. · Inflation is not a product of expectations. · It’s good politics to talk about fighting inflation. It’s horrible politics to actually fight it. · Investors sheltering in the U.S. dollar abroad are in

Official Inflation Hits Another New High – Ep 825

· Inflation is soaring across the world. · U.S. monetary and fiscal policies are at odds with each other. · Motor vehicle repair costs have highest increase since the 1974. · Dollar rises as gold tanks. · Gold stocks are at bargain prices. · Don’t fall for bait and switch

A Surge in Moonlighting Evidences Weakness Not Strength – Ep 824

· Dollar strengthened and gold tanked. · Needing a second crappy job is not good news for the economy. · Shinzo Abe was assassinated before he could be held accountable for his disastrous economic policies. · Peter Schiff was right about Elon Musk’s Twitter bluff. · Bitcoin big shot advocates

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It’s the Fed’s “hold my beer” moment. After more than a year in which Federal Reserve leadership appeared clueless, pollyannish, and indecisive, the Fed is

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