“The Kingdom of Moltz” Autographed Commemorative Book

The Kingdom of Moltz
Posted by Peter Schiff on 08/06/2014 at 5:12 PM
During my Senate campaign, I gave away some of my dad’s books to my supporters, and one that I really liked as a kid was “The Kingdom of Moltz”.The book was originally a chapter in my father’s book, “The Biggest Con”. The story was a fable, much like “How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes”, and was ultimately edited out of “The Biggest Con”.  Years later, my father published “The Kingdom of Moltz” as a separate book.I can’t think of a word that is more misunderstood in economics today than inflation. This book offers a humorous but effective explanation of what inflation really is. I always loved this book, especially the illustrations.I still have some original books left, brand new in boxes, and I would like to commemorate the Peter Schiff Show by offering copies of the book to my loyal listeners, autographed by me, for $25.00. My father, the author, is not able to autograph them personally.  Just complete this form to order and I will get a signed copy out to you right away, with my thanks for being a fan of the Peter Schiff Show.

Peter Schiff is an economist, financial broker/dealer, author, frequent guest on national news, and host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast.



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