The Peter Schiff Show – 08/29/14

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Free Form Friday, guided by the best callers in talk radio!

Cliff’s Notes Recap Weekly Recap for 08-25-14 to 08-29-14

  • Monday – Central bankers are now redefining “price stability” as an inflation rate of 2% or more.
  • Tuesday – If Keynesian economists are so right, why aren’t they all rich?
  • Wednesday – Less government and more productivity revive the economy. Inflation, not deflation, hurts the economy.
  • Thursday – Talk is cheap. It’s easy for the Fed talk about raising rates or shrinking the balance sheet in abstract terms.
  • Friday – Some of the best callers in talk radio have called into this show, with good, intelligent questions. Stay tuned!

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Peter Schiff is an economist, financial broker/dealer, author, frequent guest on national news, and host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast.



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