401K’s, Social Security Benefits and Monetizing Existing Debt

Listeners’ Questions – January 19, 2011

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Charles from Pittsburg, PA
I am 25 and I don’t have a huge income, but I have been saving what I can to buy physical precious metals rather than having US dollars sitting in a bank and generating virtually no interest. I have chosen not to set up a 401k through my employer for retirement because I have absolutely no faith in the current financial system. I think that precious metals are better investment.

In your opinion, is this a sound strategy for a young professional?

Fred from Fort Worth, TX
Do you think the government should be willing to exchange repossessed houses for some Social Security benefits for people willing to make the trade? Could this help reduce the mortgage problem and the coming Social Security shortfall?

Chris from Ridgefield, CT
Will Senators voting to block a raise in the debt ceiling be futile if the Federal Reserve will accommodate additional spending commitments by monetizing existing debt so that the ceiling is not reached?

Jess from Middletown, NJ
I have recently come across The National Inflation Association and have been reading everything they have to say about the impending hyper-inflation. They seem like they are sending the right message and saying all the right things, however I was wondering what your view is of their credibility?