A Big Hit

Now that I see that you do accept emails from Canada I will now start.

I have to say your blogs and now your radio show have been a big hit with me. I have been listening to your blogs and youtube videos for about two months. Let me give you some background on me. I have always been very liberal socially but very conservative fiscally. The two sides of me don’t really fit into any politcal party so I rarely get too excited about who get elected up here or down in the states.

I find your style of presentation to be not only entertaining but palitable. There are many so called right wing comentators out there that I cannot stand. Not because of what they are saying but because of the way they present themselves. My biggest beef is that they have to put down or denigrate liberals and sociallist etc.  Many of these people are our neibours and friends and we have to get along with them. But even though you may be libertarian you do not have that hatefull side to your personallity. I hope that you do not get bad advice from the radio people and try to project an image that goes over the top with insults and put downs. You are perfect just the way you are. Think about it. If your real goal is to change those in Washington, then you need all the help you can get. And if you can convince and old liberal like me to see the libertarian viewpoint then you can reach alot more like me by keeping your presentation just the way it is.

Don’t change. You are already getting your message across and it is working.

Maurice in Mississauga

just west of Toronto.