A voice of truth

Hi Peter, My wife & are both 61 yrs old. I have basically gotten 0% return on our savings for 13 years now wished I had heard your advice back in 2000. There is so much false MSM we only recently began hearing your voice of truth. As a God loving couple, we are devastated by the Obama misinformation and manipulation machine. We believe that our forefathers would be absolutely sick to their stomachs to have gone through this treacherous period in American History. We believe in God First and that requires: prayer, the study of God’s Word, individual responsibility, work, charity, mercy and not government hand-outs. Thank you for being strong and being a voice of truth. Their is no substitute for the truth, although our current gov’t obviously does not practice it. Moving forward, we will continue to pray for you in hopes the immoral and treacherous voices of misinformation do not overpower all reason and goodness. In Jesus name, we pray. Bruce & Janet Hedge.

Bruce F. H.