Andrew Yang Debunked: Free Stuff Is Not Freedom – Ep. 497


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Let’s Debunk Andy Yang’s Platform

I decided to take a little time out on my Labor Day to record a podcast debunking Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang. I’ve been getting a lot of emails about Yang; especially since he did the Joe Rogan Podcast about six months ago.  He said a lot of things that certain people find appealing, so I’ve been asked to comment on him and I’ve seen other notes about Andy Yang and I wanted to talk about him because, number one, he is rising in the polls. He’s now in sixth place among the Democratic candidates; he’s polling at about 3% ant that puts him ahead of established politicians like Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke, Amy Klobuchar, so he’s gaining in popularity and I think the trend is going to continue.

Yang Rising in the Polls

The next Democratic Debate is coming up in about a week and a half and they’re no longer going to have two debates; they’ve narrowed it down to just ten candidates and Andy Yang is one of those 10.  I think as there are fewer candidates in the race, Yang is going to get more and more attention from the media and I think he is going to rise in the polls.

Attractive Among a Bunch of Democratic Socialists

To me, he is like the Bernie Sanders of this campaign. Sanders, and “Feeling the Bern”… he was popular in the 2016 campaign, mainly because he was the only alternative to Hillary Clinton, who was extremely unpopular.  So, given that matchup and there was only two choices, it made it very easy for Sanders to gain a lot of support.  He’s having a much harder time galvanizing that support this time because people have a lot of alternatives. If you want a Democratic Socialist, there’s a bunch of them to choose from.

Clearly a Smart Guy… But

But a guy like like Andy Yang, a younger guy, and clearly a smart guy.  I had not watched his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience until just yesterday.  I decided to watch it, and that’s the motivation for doing this podcast. Once I heard him talk about his ideas, I spent a lot of time on his website looking at a lot of things he didn’t discuss with Joe Rogan.  One thing is certainly clear to me: he’s a smart guy.  Clearly, if you gave an IQ test to all of the Democratic candidates, Yang would win.