Australian Housing Market, Euros and Pounds Sterling and Mining Investments

Listeners’ Questions – May 12, 2011

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James from Brisbane, Queensland
What do you make of the Australian housing market? I believe it’s been a government-fueled bubble first home owners grants and negative gearing and it is only just plateaued with prices just starting to fall. How do you see a housing price fall affecting the AUD vs USD and Australian resources stocks?

Tony from Melbourne, Victoria
What do you think would be the effect on the world economy short and long term if the U.S. dollar collapses and loses reserve currency status? Also, are you descended from the Schiff family who shared the Green Shield house with the Rothchilds?

Eddie from Dublin, Ireland
Do you think gold and silver are as good investments if you hold Euros and Pounds Sterling? My thinking is that if these currencies remain stable than gold and silver won’t increase as much against these currencies — is my thinking correct on this? Also, do you think that in the event of hyperinflation in the U.S. it will spread to other flat currencies like the pound and the euro?

Peter from Frederiksberg, Denmark
I am a student in Copenhagen already holding gold and silver. I understand that you are positive to mining companies, partly because of the low P/E ratio. I wonder which I should invest in, regarding to metal type, country, and future prospects?