Bad News is Bad News – Ep. 431

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Big Moves in the Market Today

For those of you who have been waiting all year for the first Peter Schiff Show Podcast of the new year, 2019, here it is.  We finally got a day with enough worthwhile news that it made sense for me to do a podcast.  I’ll probably end up doing another one tomorrow, when we get the Nonfarm payroll numbers – the jobs numbers.  We’ll see if that’s a big market mover.  But we had a lot of movement in the markets today; all sorts of news came out as well, weighing on the markets.

Apple Closed Down 9.7%

The Dow was down 660 points today – pretty much about the same drop that we had on Christmas Eve.  Now I doubt that today will be followed by a repeat of Boxing Day, where we get a 1,000 – point rally, but we’ll see. The excuse of the day was probably Apple.  You can say that Apple took a bite out of the stock market today.  Apple announced yesterday just after the close that its sales would be disappointing, and Apple stock was down just under 10%.  It closed down 9.7%, pretty close to the lows of the day – not the exact lows, but it has got to be one of the biggest losses in history for Apple.

Everybody Got a Rotten Apple Today

Apple is very widely owned; the Swiss Central Bank is a big holder of Apple stock.  A lot of hedge funds own Apple, Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet) has a big position in Apple – pretty much in everybody’s portfolio. So everybody got a rotten Apple today. In fact, Apple is now down almost 40% – 39% from its peak price.  Remember, when it was at peak, it was over a trillion dollars in market cap. It was Apple and Amazon that were trillion dollar companies.  Well, no more.  Apple, again, has dropped not quite $400 billion in market cap from its peak.


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