Blogs, The Euro, Bernanke and Silver

Listeners’ Questions, Peter’s Answers- February 06, 2013

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Joshua from Harrisonburg, VA
As you are someone who has enjoyed success in political commentary, I’m wondering how one is able to break into the field. I’ve been actively promoting my political principles through a blog, but would like to transition to something full-time that can reach a much greater audience. Are there any suggestions you can offer?

João from Braga, Portugal
It seems, the Euro is becoming a stable currency. Should Europeans buy gold or stay in the Euro?

Jacques from Bucharest, Romania
Do you think Bernanke is losing it or has lost it mentally? I can’t help but think of 1920’s Germany. In “Lords of Finance” they mention how the finance ministers in Germany suffered mentally from all the inflation, because the numbers got so out of control, the actual magnitude of the economic events were mind-numbing and ultimately mentally debilitating for policymakers to perform their duties in a practical manner. I wonder if Bernanke is suffering similarly.

George from Mt. Prospect, IL
Over the past few years, instead of overpaying my mortgage, I have been buying physical silver. I have just refinanced to a 30 fixed mortgage at 3.5%. I need to pay this mortgage off in 15 years. Should I continue to play the silver game or just overpay the mortgage?

Patrick from Pasadena, CA
For those of us who have student loan debt, but are able to make the monthly payments and have some savings, should we try to pay more to the loans to get out of debt, or should we pay the minimum and use the savings to purchase silver?