China and the Dollar, Real Estate Investments and the Fed’s Balacnce Sheet

Listeners’ Questions – March 10, 2011

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Brian from Charolotte, NC
With China overheating and eating our inflation, wouldn’t you agree that they are due for a slow down? With the bursting of their property bubble and banking issues with many people expecting inflation in the US and looking towards China, don’t you think this is settling up for another head fake run to the dollar? Though temporary and fundamentally wrong, this would give Bernanke the green light to print and then Asia would be cheap and set for a good investments.

Brent from Newport, OR
I have some precious metals I purchased before I became a Europac client. I’m interested in storing some of them outside the country. Do you have any suggestions? Are there any rules in taking some of them outside the US?

Steve from Austin, TX
I own a duplex rental property. I owe about $180,000 at 5.5% interest. I collect $2,000 a month in rent and the property is worth let’s say $270,000. Cash flow is a few hundred each month. I know that in our old economy that selling now would be stupid, but with uncertainty everywhere should I get rid of it now in favor of other assets?

Robert from Tokyo, Japan
When the Fed buys up treasuries using its Q.E. fund and inflates the money supply, its balance sheet gets bigger. My question is, who owns the assets on its balance sheet? Surely the Fed can not claim ownership since it bought those assets with money created out of thin air.

Richard from Sudbury, MA
If we have hyper-inflation, commercial activity becomes impossible. What steps are required and how long does it take to restore normal economic activity?