College, Euros for Gold, Real Estate and Accumulating Wealth

Listeners’ Questions, Peter’s Answers Audio- March 8, 2012

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Roberto from Lawrenceville, GA
I’m a high school senior in Atlanta who has been enthralled with your views on American economic policies and the corruptness of the federal government in managing monetary policy. Since I have heard a lot of horror stories about going to college, should I even bother at all? I really want to expand my intellectualism and humanistic well-being and simultaneously become a well rounded cartoonist. If you do recommend college, should I got to a state or private university?

Irfan from Ymeri, FL
I’m pretty sure the dollar will collapse, but do you think it is to late to buy Gold in Euros?

Christopher from Gregory, TX
I came upon a video of yours where you talked about how real estate is only a good investment if speculation regarding the local economy is good. Chinese-owned company plans to employ between 600-800 workers at a new plant in my home town, a small community of about 2500 people with about three other small, surrounding blue collar communities that would benefit from this. The land is fairly low and there are many homes that have been vacant for years. As a 23 year old, do you see this as a wise investment opportunity?

Sean from Lilse, IL
Can you comment on the news regarding the booming U.S. auto sales. How are the 3 generating profits? Who are buying all these cars and how?

Stefan from Winnipeg, Manitoba CA
What is your advice to industrious young men on how to accumulate wealth going forward? There are tons of us guys like me who are graduating into the worst economy in a few generations and don’t know what to do. I’m a finance major, but should I move out east to a country like Singapore? Should I hunker down and save and buy hard assets? Should I take advantage of the growing tech industry? What would you do if you were starting your career now?