Deflation, QE, the Yuan and Collegiate Economics

Listeners’ Questions, Peter’s Answers Audio – September 23, 2013

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Anne in New York, NY
Could you please explain how you could simultaneously have contracting credit and inflation at the same time, as you have predicted. Wouldn’t contracting credit cause deflation?

Adam in Strabane, Ireland
Would some form of small QE be needed each year as a population grows and requires more money? If money was not increased but population did then would the amount available to each person decrease?

Joe in Wokingham, Berkshire
If Chinese Yuan becomes a gold backed currency. Does that mean that there would be no need to possess physical gold?

If gold price goes up rapidly, do you see there will be any political tension from the insolvent governments to nationalization of gold mines?

Austin from San Diego California
I have my heart set on majoring in Economics (I’m a classical liberal), in your opinion what school would be best for me to apply to?