Economy Collapse, Crypto-Currencies, Gold and Predictions

Listeners’ Questions, Peter’s Answers Audio – July 18, 2013

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Nicolas in Vancouver, British Columbia
If the US economy collapses as bad as you make it sound, I would imagine that food would be a greater asset than gold. If people are starving, wouldn’t agriculture have been a better investment than gold?

Jasper in Amsterdam Netherlands
Do you think “crypto-currencies” (like BitCoin) will be generally accepted as a method of payment in the future?

Ron in Churchville, MD
Is there a strategy in your mind where an investor could enter into a low rate fixed loan to purchase gold with the intent to take advantage of the differential between the potential value of the gold in the future versus the interest and repayments in a debased currency?

Steve in Austin, TX
I have a 401k with 100% match and I can invest in most items in the stock market. Should I continue to invest in that or should cash out, pay the taxes and penalties, and invest in assets like physical gold, property, etc?

Dave in Westford, MA
I watch all of your video blogs and I read your recent articles on how, although gold prices are falling right now, it is just temporary like other historical falls in gold prices. I am just wondering how you arrive at your predictions other than by looking back at historical data.