Ep. 373: Freedom Is Great; Tariffs Are Not.


Voting Responsibly for Freedom

I am “pro” young people because I want them to grow up in a free country. I want them to have every opportunity to be as prosperous as possible.  Democracy is actually an enemy of freedom.  Young people have a better chance to achieve their goals if the 18-19-20 year old generation aren’t voting for leaders who pass policies that will actually undermine our success and our progress. They’re not sophisticated enough yet; they don’t know enough yet about the real world to understand the real role of government.

Socialism Masquerading as Capitalism

The goal is to have the best government. that’s why we don’t let elementary kids vote. Why? because they are not sophisticated enough and even 18-year olds who have never had a job are not able to discern what we need for good government. I am trying to reach more and more young people to help them understand the benefits of freedom and capitalism and understand the dangers of socialism and of socialism that is masquerading as capitalism, crony capitalism and corporatism. We have the U.S. government controlling the economy with regulation and taxes and then blaming everything that goes wrong on the free market. Everything that goes right is because of the free market. Everything we achieve is despite all of the road blocks that government creates and the level to which they go to undermine success.

Turn on to Liberty

So the more young people who can listen to this podcast (younger people are more likely to listen to podcasts) the more knowledgeable voters we’ll have to vote for good government. The higher this podcast is ranked, the more people will discover it.  I have heard this story many times: first time listeners who have found me.  Once I turn them on to liberty, once I appeal to them,  I open their eyes. They then do their own research; they start to read. They start to tune out all the propaganda and start thinking for themselves. I can change people’s mind.

Help Me Get the Word Out

You can help me change people’s minds by posting your rating and review this podcast on iTunes. Put the stars on there and write up a review and help me get my podcast to more people.  That’s the way to win this political war. There is a giant move to the left. People have misinterpreted the results of the last election.  The electorate is moving left. That left wave is going to affect the moderates and even the Republicans in this next election. The coming recession will be worse than the last one and is going to be entirely blamed on free market capitalism.

Pierce the Smokescreen of Mainstream Media

We need to make as many people as possible realize that they are being lied to. The media can repeat a lie often enough that people believe it is the truth. The point of my podcast is to get the real truth out there and to pierce the smokescreen of lies that is being blown by the government, by Wall Street, and by the mainstream media.


Peter Schiff is an economist, financial broker/dealer, author, frequent guest on national news, and host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast.



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