The Fed, The Dollar and Greece

Listeners’ Questions, Peter’s Answers- July 14, 2011

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Dave from Poughkeepsie, NY
In a 2002 interview you stated that it’s impossible to know what the Fed will do. What have you learned since then that makes you a better forecaster and gives you more confidence in your expectations of QE3?

Umesh from San Jose, CA
I think most people agree that the Fed and our government want to drive down the greenback to evaporate some of the debt. Do you see the Fed buying up gold to drive down the dollar?

Oystein from Lillestrom, Skedsmo (Norway)
You say that Greece should make the bondholders lose some of their investment, and I totally agree, but what would actually happen? Couldn’t the bondholders make Greece sell some of their equity — state owned companies, state-owned land, etc., to cover the bonds?