Frontline Perspective on the Government’s War on Liberty – Ep. 70

  • When employers empower certain groups with special privileges they become clubs with which to beat the employer
  • Employers are then reluctant to put themselves in a position to be bashed with that club
  • Large companies must prove diversity and go out of their way to hire minorities
  • That kind of discrimination is the right of the employer
  • Whenever you hire anyone you make yourself vulnerable to frivolous suits
  • The government has made American business less competitive by appealing to the job seekers not the the job creators
  • This eventually backfires on the job seekers by minimizing the number of employers
  • I established my offshore bank because government regulation made it so much harder for me to service my international clients
  • This drove away jobs that would have been in America
  • Now it is impossible for our company to accept foreign accounts, including Americans living overseas
  • My offshore bank may not accept offshore accounts or non-American customers
  • Government regulations are now making it difficult on Americans who live abroad
  • Every business in the country is being undermined by growing government regulation