Gold climbs wall of worry to $1,550 – Ep. 524

Markets off to a volatile start for the new year.

U.S. assassinates an Iranian military general driving up safe haven investments like oil, gold, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen, Treasury market. Gold outshines them all. But is the world safer or more dangerous than ever?

Bitcoin touted as the best performing asset of the decade. But it’s not that simple.

CNBC thinks the hardest job for the Fed is creating inflation. The biggest problem is really their inability to stop inflation. The monetary spigots are flowing heavy and they’re going to flow even heavier leading up to the election.

It’s a dangerous time for markets with the coming election. There was a time when America would never vote in socialism, but that’s no longer the case. This election may bring in one of the largest single day stock market drops in history.