Government Shutdown Ends, Fed Capitulation Continues – Ep. 439

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Downwardly Moving Expectations

The record-breaking partial U.S. government shutdown looks like it has now come to an end. Donald Trump today announcing that he is going to be re-opening the government for three weeks, and during that time we will have negotiations regarding funding for the border wall, the barrier, the smart wall – whatever it is being called now.  Donald Trump seems to be downwardly moving his expectations of what that wall would constitute, how much terrain it would cover, but at the end of the day, I don’t believe that whatever compromise we get 3 weeks from now is going to include any type of funding for the wall.

Democrats Trying to Teach Trump a Lesson

And I think that the President talking about potentially shutting the government down again in 3 weeks if the wall money is not there, I think that’s an empty threat; I think that is a bluff that would be easily called by the Democrats.  If you look at the Democratic press conference that followed the Trump announcement, Chuck Schumer basically said,”I hope the President learned his lesson.” I’m surprised he even said that because it is admission that the Democrats were trying to teach Trump a lesson. That is, in fact, probably what they did.