Interest Rates, The Real Crash, Commodities and Gold

Listeners’ Questions, Peter’s Answers- February 13, 2013

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Suhas from Pune, India
You keep saying “When the interests go up…”.
What event will trigger the rise? Who controls the interest rates? If it’s the Fed, then why couldn’t they keep it low forever?

Tim from Tampa, FL
I’ve been reading “The Real Crash”, and I agree with the likelihood of tough economic times ahead in the United States. Do you think there are companies such as life insurance companies that might actually benefit from an economic crash?

Brian from San Diego, CA
Besides gold would you recommend owning any other commodity, such as corn, gasoline, natural gas, etc.?

Eric from Hoboken, NJ
Why can’t we get some type of move in miners? Even on some days when gold advances, miners are still under pressure.

Doug from Winter Springs, FL
In a recent Schiff Report video blog, Debt Ceiling & the Fiscal Cliff , you said, “Get out of any debt denominated in dollars.”  I intended on letting inflation ease my low interest debt while making better investment choices with the money I have. However, your comment in the video makes me think I am misunderstanding something.