Investment Advice, Portugal, Ireland and Bullion Coins

Listeners’ Questions – April 7, 2011

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Michael from Madison, MS
My wife and I have three young children – 4, 2 and 8 months. My wife is a nurse and I am a private school teacher. We both have relatively moderate incomes and almost no debt. My car will be paid off next month or so. We never carry any credit card debt, although we do have a mortgage. As of yet, we haven’t been in place to invest much of our earnings. What should we be doing? What should we avoid doing? Honestly, all I care about is food, water and shelter for my family.

Mark from Chicago, IL
Can you comment on the weakness of the dollar as compared to the horrible situation in Portugal and Ireland? Why is the Euro higher than the dollar?

Brian from Vancouver, BC
Would you attach a gold standard to a fractional lending system? Would the banks be able to lend if they were unable to create money supply?

Randy from Montesano, WA
Please explain why governments mint bullion coins and sell them to the public. Take the American Eagle for example, where does the US government get the gold? How much do they pay below spot? To whom does the government sell their newly minted eagles? What is their incentive to mint rather than to simply buy and hold?

Tom from Georgetown, KY
During the 2008 collapse if the bailouts hadn’t happened, can you provide some insight on what the effect would have been on the economy short and long term? What would be the impact to the average citizen?