The Next Economic Hurricane Will Be a Category 5 – Ep. 389

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Making the Rich Pay

Julia Salazar, another Democratic Socialist defeated Martin Dilan in the NY Senate primary.  The only reference to taxes on her website was to “make the rich pay their fair share”.  That’s it.  Nothing about what specifically she wants to raise, by how much she wants to raise it and how much money is going to come it.  This is going to be provided, that is going to be provided, and the people vote for her! This is how dumb the electorate has become.

Shift to Democratic Socialism

This is what I have been warning about on this podcast.  This shift in the political spectrum. The Democrats are moving to the left.  Democratic incumbents are going to be replaced by Socialists or will have to openly embrace Socialism themselves in order to maintain their seats. This is very dangerous, because when it does hit the fan, and it should hit the fan before the next elections a Democrat is going to be the next President, and the Democrats are going to control Congress. It’s not going to be the Democratic party of Bill Clinton or even Barack Obama. It will be the Democratic party of Bernie Sanders.

Sovereign Debt Crisis and Dollar Crisis

We’re going back to the anniversary of the Financial Crisis and the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and the next crisis, which will be a sovereign debt crisis and a dollar crisis.  It’s going to be much much worse.  Bailouts are not going to work; stimulus is not going to work.

Injecting Stimulus Directly into the Rears of the Democratic Voters

But they’re not going to try the same type of stimulus. They’re not going to talk about injecting monetary heroin into the banking system to create a wealth effect. They’re going to inject the stimulus right into the rear ends of the Democratic voters. They’re going to want to give the money directly to the people, whether it is through some kind of basic income program or government make-work or forgiving student loans.  Whatever they do, it will be about showering money that the Fed creates out of thin air and putting it directly in the pockets of the voters. That is just pure unadulterated inflation.