The Kingdom of Moltz – A Tale of Inflation and where it Comes From

Personally signed by Peter Schiff
First published in 1982 the book became the first in a long line of hilarious illustrated classics that we have put out. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, with the United States buried under a wave of double digit inflation, experts argued endlessly as to the precise cause and cure for the plague. To cut through the nonsense, Irwin conceived of an allegory set in the fictitious Balkan Kingdom of Moltz where taxes were determined solely by the height of citizens’ houses. When the King decides to raise taxes on the sly by simply making the rulers shorter, readers were given a glimpse into the workings of why inflation and the absurdity of paper money. The book is noted for its hilarious illustrations and snappy writing and includes a memorable cast of characters including King Igor II, Orlof Minister of Royal Celebration, and Clunker the Minister of Palace Decoration.


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