Retirement Account Collapse, Government Subsidies and the Fed’s Low Rate Strategy

Listeners’ Questions – April 1, 2011

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Tom from Clearwater, FL
What happens to my one-million dollar of retirement money when the dollar collapses? I’m 46 now. Should I cash some in and pay off my mortgage of $250,000 now? My condo was worth 1.3 million and now $700,000 and I want to stay in it.

Tyler from Clifton, Va
Ron Paul thinks nuclear power is a viable energy source but I am hearing from others that no private insurance companies will even go near it. Others say it would never be practical without government subsidies. What do you think?

Ryan from Santorosa, CA
How do you fell about Turkey and an emerging market? Do you think they will fare better than most European markets?

John from Springerville, AZ
What is the Fed’s purpose for keeping rates low? Wouldn’t it be in their best interest, like making money, to raise interest rates for the banks they loan to?